Only Trust the Audited and Certified
Setting the highest standard of Audit to Protect the Investors from Fraud and Rugpull Projects: Smart Contract Language Supported: Solidity | Language: Plutus, Node JS, Phython, React, C++, C Blockchain Council Auidtor Certifcation #: 46189918
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Binance Smart Chain Contracts
  • Cardano Smart Contracts
  • Polygon Smart Contracts
  • Avalance Smart Contracts
  • Solana Smart Contracts
  • Polkadot Smart Contracts
  • Penetration Testing (DEX / CEX )
Reminders: Only Projects that has Smart Contracts (Tokenized) can be Audited, dAPP categories are for Penetration Test.
Blockchain Project Audit Requirements
Legal Disclaimer: Below are the following requirements the Flamingo Audit will ask as part of the KYC processes. Failure to submit at least 1 documentation may result to non-approval of Audit Certification.
At least 1 legal ID of the Foolowing:
Project Owner or Founder | Lead Developer
Whitepaper | Litepaper | Doxxed
Contents inside must have Tokenomics
Social Media Links the Project Associated
Official Social Media Account only or Official Website
Token or Coin Smart Contract Address Link
Kindly indicate the blockochain deployment
Audit Protocols
Blockchain is mostly defined as a decentralized-distributed-ledger-technology (DDLT) that records the provenance of the digital asset. Blockchain architecture is composed of Nodes, Consensus, Protocol Algorithm, Explorer or Scan, and Data Storage. Blockchain as Proof-of-Technology (PoT) uses cryptography or codify language to its entire system, hence it is dependent on hardware components. Blockchain also can solve the current traditional problem of supposed technology should be used to deliver services and promote economic engagement productivity and not only for entertainment purposes.

The growth of blockchain technology has been seen and proven, therefore the demand of acquiring this technology is high, hence to cater to these needs, Flamingo initiated development to render its expertise in blockchain technology more than its skills but also its knowledge of designing a specialized blockchain architecture that suites the client’s desire, dream, idea, vision, wants, and needs.
Trust Seal
Every Audited Project of Flamingo will have an Audit Trust Seal. That seal is mandatorily be placed to the project website as a form of trust satisfaction and verification to every investors who will support the project.

The certificate will be released with a certification hash.

Flamingo Chain is looking forward to further enhance the Audit Certificate mechanism as a form of Trust Value Evaluation Program (TVEP) in which the project developer team and the entire community will be given a chance to mint its credential blockchain project identity.
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